[omniORB] Compiling omniORB under win2K and Python2.0

Duncan Grisby dgrisby@uk.research.att.com
Thu, 29 Mar 2001 14:36:32 +0100

On Thursday 29 March, "kaci Tizi-Ouzou" wrote:

> I am trying to build omniOrb3 under win2000 with Python2.0.
> The builing process is dying with error make:127 with something related to 
> omniORB3.def (which is the file that is created on the fly
> and which allows building the dll).

That build environment should work fine. Occasionally make dies for no
obvious reason, with various strange error numbers. Running it again
in exactly the same way usually fixes it.

If that isn't the problem, I don't know what the trouble is. Please
post exactly what error message you get, including the surrounding



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