[omniORB] Newbie omniORB problem; unknown system exception?

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Tue May 18 16:19:37 BST 2004

On Tuesday 11 May, "Stephen Hansen" wrote:

> That's all :) My C++ code, in Visual C++ 7.1, which is mostly just from
> the boilerplate example produced by omniidl:

Have you compiled omniORB yourself?  If not, you must, because the
binaries are compiled with VC++ 6. They aren't compatible with 7.1.
You will get random exceptions and other failures if you try to use
the VC++ 6 binaries.

> The application is calling runOrb, then doWork periodically, and stopOrb
> at end. The corba.error file is being steadily filled with
> SystemExceptions. I don't know how to dignose what's causing that :)

Run with -ORBtraceLevel 10. That will print what the exceptions are,
and where they're coming from.



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