[omniORB] IORs on server with multiple endpoints

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Tue May 18 17:02:43 BST 2004

On Monday 17 May, "Wernke zur Borg" wrote:

> I am running an omniORB server on a host with multiple interfaces, thus with
> multiple endpoints. A bootstrap object is published with a corbaloc IOR. The
> application protocol is session oriented, i.e. a client calls "openSession"
> on the bootstrap object, which results in a new process being started for
> that client. The IOR of a new session object living in the new process is
> returned to the client in the openSession operation.
> How can I make sure that the correct endpoint is encoded into the IORs for a
> particular client?

You need to give the right endPoint parameter to the process...

> Since I need to deal with only one client, i.e. one endpoint, per process,
> it would be sufficient to initialise the ORB in a client process with just
> one endpoint setting, but how to find the correct one?

> Is there a way to extract the client IP from an incoming invocation? If that
> was possible, I could derive my own endpoint from that address (I have done
> that in a different application) and configure omniORB in the new client
> process accordingly.

You can do it with an interceptor that digs into the omniORB specific
objects. A much easier solution is to have the clients explicitly pass
their IP addressess in the openSession call.



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