[omniORB] Bidirectional GIOP calls using Endpoints with Omnin ames

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Tue May 18 16:14:15 BST 2004

On Tuesday 11 May, Young Travis - tyoung wrote:

> You are right, I am misunderstanding bidirectional GIOP.  In my case,
> omninames and my server process are running on a machine behind a firewall.
> The client is installed on a machine outside the firewall.  The security
> team here would like to only open up 1 port or a few known ports instead
> large range of ports so that the my client can communicate with my server.
> Is there a way that I can limit the ports that my client and server use? 

You can't make both omniNames and your server listen on the same port,
but you can force each of them to use a chosen port. That way, your
security team could open two ports. omniNames automatically configures
itself to always listen on port 2809 (unless you tell it otherwise).
To tell your server to listen on a particular port, give it a command
line argument of -ORBendPoint:giop:tcp::12345, replacing 12345 with
your chosen port number.

Do not put an endPoint parameter in the omniORB configuration file,
because that will mean all omniORB servers try to use the same port,
and therefore all but the first will fail.



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