[omniORB] Squirrelly behavior from name service

Lyle Johnson jlj@cfdrc.com
Wed Aug 14 13:15:02 2002

Favre Benoit wrote:

>> Linux 7.2; both are using omniORB-3.0.5.
>I currently work with omni 305 and RH 7.2 as you and i have no such problems.
>There are a few things to check :
>Are you using omniNames (wich works fine) or other name service like tnameserv 
>from java wich does not support GIOP 1.2 completely?
I'm using omniNames.

>How are you retrieving the name serivce reference? (from 
>resolve_initial_reference() or from some string_to_objet("corbaloc:...")) ? 
>corbaloc is GIOP 1.2 and will not work with old name services.
I'm retrieving the name service reference using 

>Is your DNS properly configured on both machines? (weird things in 
>/etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf may result in problems).
>Are both machines available in reverse DNS resolution (ip to name) as well as 
>normal resolution (name to ip)?
I don't know the answers to these questions right offhand, especially 
with regards to the question about *reverse* DNS resolution, but can 
investigate later this morning. (I know that both machines are available 
in normal, name-to-IP address resolution.)

>I never used the omniORB.cfg, may be, you should try the old program 
>parameter : -ORBInitialHost <host> -ORBInitialPort <port> , if you use 
>initial references.
OK, I'll note that as a possibility also.

>At last if this does not help you, give me a source sample that would make me 
>reproduce the problem.
Thanks very much for your suggestions so far. Will let you know how 
things go.