[omniORB] Squirrelly behavior from name service

Lyle Johnson jlj@cfdrc.com
Wed Aug 14 15:43:03 2002

>> Is your DNS properly configured on both machines? (weird things in 
>> /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf may result in problems).
>> Are both machines available in reverse DNS resolution (ip to name) as 
>> well as normal resolution (name to ip)?
> I don't know the answers to these questions right offhand, especially 
> with regards to the question about *reverse* DNS resolution, but can 
> investigate later this morning. (I know that both machines are 
> available in normal, name-to-IP address resolution.)

OK, after some more investigation, a "weird thing" in the machines' 
/etc/hosts files was found to be causing the problems. We still need to 
check with our network system administrator to see why this weird stuff 
was in there in the first place, but that's another story.

The problem was that the first (only) line in my /etc/hosts file looked 
like this:    rorschach    localhost.localdomain    localhost

where "rorschach" is my machine's hostname. The other machine I was 
testing with had a similar configuration. And so what was probably 
happening was that the IOR sent back for the remote host's name service 
listed as its IP address, instead of the true IP address for 
that remote host. Then my machine attempted to use the IP address for further communications, which of course didn't point to 
the correct host. I'm not very network-savvy (obviously) so I'm probably 
missing some of the finer points of what, exactly, was wrong; but the 
bottom line is that we've got it working properly now ;)

Thanks again, Favre, for pointing me in the right direction on this problem.