[omniORB] RE: Orbix to OmniORB integration problem

David Riddoch djr@uk.research.att.com
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 10:38:19 +0000 (GMT)


I think the problem may be with the Orbix object_to_string and
string_to_object methods.  Orbix has a proprietary format for stringified
IORs, which contains the host name.  You'll need to persuade Orbix to give
you a standard stringified IOR.  I think the following may work:

stringified_ior = 

and something similar for string_to_object.

I got this from:

Hope this helps,

On Mon, 15 Mar 1999, Yan Presman wrote:

> David, thank you for prompt reply.
> Here is additional information I've collected so far:
> I found a way to call from OmniORB (2.7.0) client to Orbix server, here are 
> some issues I've noticed (I checked both Orbix 2.3c and Orbix 2.3c02): (I 
> use famous 'grid' example for all my tests)
> 1.	object_to_string (Orbix, server side) produces IOR that does not have 
> valid Daemon port number (as claimed by documentation, nor does it have
> 	server port#) - generated IOR contains something very strange. I
> tried to 
> use Orbix.useTransientPort() to get to server's port - with the same result
> 2.	Only when I generated IOR manually (by calling makeIOR()) while 
> providing daemon port# as a parameter I got an IOR that looked good and 
> that
> 	could be used to talk to Orbix server from OmniORB
> Unfortunately I don't know yet how to call OmniORB servers from Orbix 
> clients. My attempt to use IOR produced by OmniORB resulted in Orbix 
> message:
> Unexpected system exception
> 10086-- Communication failure
>   - unknown host : 
> ior\:01b120100d00000049444c3a677269643a312e3000c104100100000000000000280  
> 000000101
> 00000e0000003137322e32332e34342e31373900330f0c00000036e820de000002f00000  
> 0002
>   [Completion status : COMPLETED_NO]
> 1.	I could not figure out yet how to obtain omniORB server port# (so I can 
> verify that IOR generated by OmniORB is valid). If you can help me with 
> 	this one I'd really appreciate
> 2.	Is there a way to put server's host name (instead of IP address) in the 
> generated IOR  ? - I've noticed that Orbix uses names