[omniORB] omniNames on Solaris 2.6 with 2 IP addresses

Sai-Lai Lo S.Lo@orl.co.uk
11 Aug 1998 12:08:02 +0100

Brendan Cully <brendan@kublai.com> writes:

> I just compiled and installed the april snapshot on a solaris 2.6 box.
> The problem is, objects only seem to be able to talk to each other
> intermittently. I compiled the echo examples and eg1 works always,
> eg2_clt only sometimes talks to eg2_impl, and eg3_impl never succeeds,
> although if I run nameclt (which also only sometimes works) I can see that
> eg3_impl does sometimes manage to create the first context.
> My machine has one ethernet card with 2 IP addresses (aliased), which I think
> might be confusing IIOP. I built the same version of omniorb on winnt4, and
> if I run omniNames on nt4 and use its IOR in the Solaris omniORB.cfg file,
> eg3 works like a charm.
> Anyone know anything about this?

If you prefer, you can tell omniORB2 to put a specific hostname in the IOR
instead of letting it goes and finds out the IP address of the machine,
which as you know does not work very well on a machine with multiple
network addresses. Just define the environment variable:

export OMNIORB_USEHOSTNAME=wib.orl.co.uk


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