omniORB commercial support

omniORB is commercially supported by Apasphere Ltd.

What is offered?

Support is primarily email based. The contract specifies a guaranteed response time. When you send a query to your personal support address, you are guaranteed to receive an answer within the specified time. Often, the response will contain a solution to your issue, but in more complex cases the response will contain an estimate of when the issue will be resolved. You can choose a response time suitable for you; most contracts specify 48 hours, but the time can be as short as 24 hours.

Email support

For most issues, email based support is preferable to telephone support for two main reasons. Firstly, it means that the core omniORB developers can deal directly with your issues, rather than being several stages removed from telephone support staff. Secondly, writing up your issue in an email allows you to specify the problem more precisely than is possible with a phone conversation, which helps both you and us understand the situation.

Despite the advantages of email, it can sometimes be useful to discuss a problem 'live', by telephone. We therefore offer the option of pre-arranged telephone calls with an expert. This combination of email and telephone support offers you the best possible service since your issues are always rapidly dealt with by the most knowledgeable people.

If you are using omniORB in a mission-critical application, emergency telephone support can be arranged.

The omniORB advantage

Choosing omniORB gives you many advantages over other CORBA implementations. Because it is open source, there are no development or run-time license fees. Furthermore, support is extremely competitively priced, so the total cost of ownership is radically lower than for commercial products.

omniORB is renowned for its robustness and strict adherence to the CORBA standard. Independent tests have repeatedly shown it to have significantly higher performance and smaller footprint than all of its major competitors, both commercial and open source.

In addition to the C++ ORB, omniORB also has a version for Python, a high level, object oriented, interpreted language. Use of Python can dramatically reduce the time spent developing prototype and test code, and even large scale applications. omniORB's Python version is supported alongside the C++ version.

What is supported?

Everything in the omniORB distribution, both version 3.0.x and version 4.0.x, is supported. All versions of omniORBpy are supported. Support covers issues and bugs within omniORB itself, and basic help with the details of the C++ and Python language mappings. Apasphere Ltd offers consulting services for help with wider scale application architecture and implementation techniques.

Pricing and more information

Pricing is worked out on a per-customer basis, depending on your precise requirements. For more information, please contact, giving details of the support you require and any special requirements you have.