[omniORB] COMM_FAILURE and minor code (Omni ORB 2.80)

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Wed Apr 2 19:32:10 BST 2008

On Tuesday 1 April, "Olivier Thiboutot" wrote:

> In using OmniOrb 2.80 (very stable... Btw) and we meet, at client
> production site, one simple error! COMM_FAILURE... I cannot put a real
> problem on this cause around that time (got a time stamp on client
> side), the server was running fine. I can look at more than 50 calls
> going right around that time (250 ms around). I've got 50 thread in
> the server pool.
> Here is my problem. The execution delay to catch the COMM_FILURE is
> around 115(ms).

> The Question. I've got a minor code = 10054 and cannot rely on
> anything into Omni. Can you please help me where to look to have those
> codes intepretation.

That is, as Bill guessed, the Winsock error code from WSAGetLastError(),
meaning connection reset by peer.

It will probably be very hard to track down why that's happening without
being able to turn some tracing on on the server. Have you tried running
the client with -ORBtraceLevel 30 ?  Does that tell you anything that
looks relevant?



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