[omniORB] Re: Testing OmniORB4 for memory leaks on Linux RH9

Sean Parker supinlick at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 6 09:02:30 BST 2005

Re: mtrace of ORB_init-then-orb->destroy:

I did some 'commenting-out' in the ORB_init mehod, and
found most allocation-danglers dissappear when the
omniOptions-calls were gone - then even more go away when I
comment-out matching interecptor attach/detaches. 

Is the community open to me submitting a future patch that
begins to fix these leaks (after more digging and
uncommenting of course)? (it seems reasonable to expect an
ORB-init followed by orb->destroy would leave no dangling
memory, regardless of realtiy of the scenario)


--- Sean Parker <supinlick at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello - 
>   I'm trying to begin using an ORB 'right' on our project
> and taking small steps... (I have > 5yrs exp w/ CORBA,
> but
> new to C++ ORBs - I'm also <2yrs on Linux too)
>   So using mtrace, and doing an ORB_init() then
> immediately
> an orb->destroy, then stopping mtrace, shows many (>40
> separate) allocations (ranging from 0x4 to 0x100 bytes).
> Are these 'static' allocations? Has anyone else done
> this/seen this behavior with mtrace? (I have a testing
> framework using mtrace, and I'm confident it's the
> ORB-part
> due to no memory leaks when I comment-out the
> ORB_init/destroy)
>   For giggles, I tried activating the POAManager in
> between, and it showed only several more allocations. 
>   If anyone has experience w/ mtrace and omniORB4, please
> send confidence/lessons learned, etc. I'd like to use
> omniORB4, but can't if these are legitimate (unwanted)
> leaks.
>   Cheers,
>      Sean
> P.S. I found the user manual very easy to follow, and a
> few
> steps above any other ORB user guides I've seen (but of
> course that hinges on my level of experience...)
> It would be nice to have a section on troubleshooting
> build
> issues (ie. what happens when the libraries are out of
> order for ld/gcc linking)
> God Bless 
>     Sean Parker 
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