[omniORB] omniorb4: Problem with generating code for Naming.idl

Uwe Seimet Uwe.Seimet at seimet.de
Tue Dec 20 19:23:32 GMT 2005


I have a problem with compiling the omniorb 4.0.6 distributin on Gentoo
Linux, kernel 2.6.14, gcc 4.0.2. Maybe somebody can help:

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/us/cd/omniORB-4.0.6/src/lib/omniORB'
../../../bin/omniidl -bcxx -Wba -p../../../src/lib/omniORB -Wbdebug -v -ComniORB4 ../../../idl/Naming.idl
z../../../bin/omniidl: line 33: syntax error near unexpected token `"\n\n"'
../../../bin/omniidl: line 33: `    sys.stderr.write("\n\n")'
make[3]: *** [omniORB4/Naming.hh] Error 2

I am unsure how to interpret the line number 33, which does not seem to
be related to the Naming.idl file. The Naming.hh file has not yet been
generated when the error occurs.

Best regards,  Uwe

  Dr. Uwe Seimet                            http://www.linkbylink.net

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