[omniORB] Problems with running the examples

Oskar Audunsson oskara@hi.is
Thu Jun 27 09:42:38 2002

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to set up omniORB and running the examples that accompany it and 
I'm experiencing some problems. First of all, most of them work fine. Those 
who don't are the echo example (3 and 3_tie), call_back and dii. The others 
do work, including echo 1 and 2. 

When running echo 3 and 3_tie I get the error messages: "Segmentation fault"
My omniORB.cfg file has two lines:
ORBInitialHost wobble
ORBInitialPort 1100
I have also tried to run the examples using the command line options, e.g.
eg3_impl -ORBInitialHost wobble -ORBInitialPort 1100
eg3_clt -ORBInitialHost wobble -ORBInitialPort 1100

When running the call_back example everything runs smooth until the last line, 
instead of printing out the message: "Finished" I get "Segmentation fault".
The same happens with dii.

If anyone has a clue I would be most thankful if he/she could help me.

Thanks, Óskar Hafnfjörđ Auđunsson