[omniORB] Differences with omniINSPOA

Kevin Wooten kwooten@itracs.com
Tue Jul 30 17:14:02 2002

I am using Windows, and I thought these differences (loopback/eth#) did not exist.

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>> Hi Kevin,
>>  ORBendPoint is fairly specific, so when you tell omniORB
>> to listen on a certain interface, it does that and only that.
>>  On most unix systems there is quite a difference between
>> specifying localhost and the hostname as the interface. Specifying
>> localhost usually results in using the loopback interface, and
>> specifying the hostname results in using one or more physical
>> interfaces.
>>  You can omit the hostname to make omniORB listen to all available
>> interfaces, or you can specify several ORBendPoint options for
>> greater control.
>> Yours sincerely,
>> Bjorn