[omniORB] Differences with omniINSPOA

bjorn rohde jensen bjensen@fastmail.fm
Tue Jul 30 14:20:02 2002

Hi Sveta,

 CORBA applets are sort of nasty to make, because
of the pretty bad CORBA support from most browsers.
You will probably need to use signed applets too,
which also complicates matters a little.
 The bidir thing, ought to work quite nicely, but
how to properly set up the applets java orb is
not, i think, simple;)
 I dont think, you really need to use bidir with an
applet, unless you are doing some sort of streaming
of data, as applets best kept pretty light weight.
Most of the java/CORBA guys, i have talked to, are
more in favor of using CORBA aware servelets. It
might be worth considering:)

Yours sincerely,


Sveta Shasharina wrote:
> Hi,
> I need an applet client working with C++ server through bidir using
> corbaloc.  Has anybody tried this omniorb?
> Sveta Shasharina