[omniORB] compiling omniORB3 on NT

Chung, David David.Chung@USPTO.GOV
Thu, 14 Oct 1999 09:43:05 -0400

	I am embarassed to request the patch again, but after you sent me
the patch, I carelessly lost it.  I really would appreciate it if you =
be kind enough to send me another copy.

	BTW, have you have been working with omniNames?

	(In case you have) I have been trying to build omniName with correct
compiler options and switches.  The version I build dies, and it never =
chance to invoke the IDL debugger.=20

	Do you know what switches I need to set in dir.mk so that omniNames
will build with correct debugging information?
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> >
> > Mr. Lutz has sent me a patch, which I managed to lose.  He
> > explained, however, that he is stripping off the outermost CORBA:: =
> all
> > function names, not just the initializer list.  I am wary about
> stripping
> > off outermost "CORBA::'s from all function/object names.
> >
> Hi again,
> the patch is not that restrictive. It does only remove all outermost
> scopes
> from
> the class constructors initilization list. It does not touch any =
> or objects.
> So let=B4s hope for a patch from somebody who knows what he/she=B4s =
doing :-)
> Cheers
> Lutz