Linux2.0.* + glibc + omniORB2 troubles.

Oleg Machulski
Mon, 26 Jan 1998 19:42:40 +0300 (????)

Dear All,

there are problems with omniORB2 on glibc-Linux.
I just upgraded Linux from redhat 4.1 to 5.0 and then
omniORB2 applications began to catch SIGSEGV signal somewhere
in the ORBinit or BOAinit module. Before upgrade (with libc5.*)
and on Solaris-Sparc everything was OK.

I tried 4 combinations of 
(glibc2.0.5c, glibc2.0.6) vs (omniORB2 2.2.0, omniorb2 2.4.0)
Result was the same: Segmentation fault. 

As gdb showed, it occurs in the  "__libc_mutex_lock()" (mutex.c file) function.
Stack backtrace showed that the last call from omniORB 
was "gethostbyname(<myhost>)" and somewhere inside it the program fails.
Any program (including omniNames) generates SIGSEGV in the same
part of code.

Where te problem is:
 - glibc ?
 - omniORB ?
 - something wrong with configuration of my OS?

 RedHat-Linux 2.0.33
 glibc 2.0.6

        Best regards.                 Oleg Machulski
e-mail:    Oleg Machulski <>
FidoNet:   2:5020/623.20
phone:     134-84-05 (Moscow, Russia)