[omniORB] LocateRequest gets dropped on RHEL 6.1 system

Brad Fawcett bfawcett at us.ibm.com
Fri Sep 9 10:58:08 BST 2011

Ran into some technical difficulties with the posting to the mailing list.
First, the attached logs were too big & weren't accepted, and then for some
reason, even with smaller logs, it added the attachment, but lost the text
to go with the logs.

So ....   Here is the text to go with the previous logs that were updated.


Yes,  the Client & Server are on the same machine.
Attached are the client & server traces with traceLevel 40 traceTime 1
traceThreadId 1, and the tcpdump as well.

Here are the interesting points in trace.

client log (line 177 - time = 13:36:43.433568)    send LocateRequest

tcp trace (line 18 - time = 13:36:43.433590)   locateRequest packet

server log (line 180 - time = 13:36:43.433633)  input Message
received    //   <<< this is the suspect packet, that I think started out
as the locateRequest.  if I'm reading it right, the GIOP internal message
size (261 bytes) is larger then the tcp packet size (38).

original logs too big, so they had to be truncated.    full logs available
upon request.


Brad Fawcett
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