[omniORB] [help] [beginner] cannot run naming service examples from python chapter 2 "The Basics"

Floris Bruynooghe flub at devork.be
Thu Sep 8 19:35:22 BST 2011


Sorry to be late to the party, this only just grabbed my attention.

2011/8/24 Alistair Bayley <alistair at abayley.org>:
> I've removed all omniorb packages I could find (including
> libomniorb4-1) and reinstalled. The /etc/omniORB4.cfg file was not
> removed when the packages were removed, so I deleted it manually.

You need to purge packages for the configuration files to be removed:
dpkg -P libomniorb4-1

> Nothing in the installed packagws seems to provide it, although
> apt-file claims it is in libomniorb4-1

Which indeed provides it.


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