[omniORB] unusually slow network initialisation

Knut Lorenzen knut.lorenzen at ibnoetzold.de
Thu Nov 25 11:01:34 GMT 2010


we are experiencing problems initialising our corba client. On startup, it
contacts the omninames service over network. This takes up to 8 (!)
This is what the code roughly looks like this:

orb = ORB_init( ... );
Object_var obj = orb->resolve_initial_references("RootPOA");
POA_ptr poa = POA::_narrow( obj );
POA_Manager_ptr man = poa->the_POA_Manager();
Object_ptr ns = orb->resolve_initial_references("NamingService");
NamingContext_ptr cont = NamingContext::_narrow( ns ); // <- blocking call

It is especially slow in combination with .net as a dynamic link library.
We are on a local 1GBit Ethernet network with latencys << 1ms.
Omni-Orb 4.14 with Windows XP SP3

best regards,

Knut Lorenzen

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