[omniORB] Fw: (by abcluo@163.com) use sequence<struct> problem ?

roger abcluo at 163.com
Mon Oct 23 14:39:11 BST 2006

My problem was Solved!
Thanks to everyone! 
Special thanks Clarke Brunt!
I am use omniORB4.0.7 on win2000+vc7.1,
The problem isn't Cause by use sequence<struct> ,and it is caused by project setting lib file and runtime library mode!
The project setting choose "Multithreaded DLL(release build)" or "Debug Multithreaded DLL (debug build)". This is OK.
My application is work fine now!
Application code :
struct NetDataItem
  long id;
  string name;
typedef sequence<NetDataItem> DataArray; 
typedef sequence<long> DataLongArray;

interface QDataSeq
  DataArray QueryDatas(); 
  DataLongArray QueryLongData(); 

//---------server code--------------

// return  struct data Sequence
DataArray* QDataSeq_i::QueryDatas(){
  int cnt =100;
  DataArray_var datas = new DataArray((CORBA::Long)cnt);
  for (int i =0;i< cnt; ++i)
   datas[i].id = (CORBA::Long)(i+1);
   datas[i].name = CORBA::string_dup("aaaa"); // 
  std::cout << "OK" << endl;

  return datas._retn();

// return long Sequence
DataArray* QDataSeq_i::QueryLongData(){
  int cnt =100;
  DataLongArray_var datas = new DataLongArray((CORBA::Long)cnt);
  for (int i =0;i< cnt; ++i)
    datas[i] = (CORBA::Long)(i+1);
  std::cout << "OK" << endl;

  return datas._retn();


//-----------client code-----------------------
//query struct data Sequence , use _var
void queryStructSeqData(QDataSeq_ptr e)
 DataArray_var dest = e->QuearyDatas();
 int len = pdest->length();
 std::cerr << "query sequence size &pound;&ordm;" << len << endl;

 //do something...


//query long Sequence. It is work fine and not have memory leak. 
void queryLongSeqData(QDataSeq_ptr e)
 DataArray_var dest = e->QueryLongData();
 int len = dest->length();
 std::cerr << "query sequence size is:" << len << endl;

 //do something...

//-----------project setting--------------
debug mode add The following Libraries to "Additional Dependencies":
Run-time library:Debug Multithreaded DLL 

release mode add The following Libraries to "Additional Dependencies":

Run-time library:Multithreaded DLL 


Thanks again to everyone!

·¢¼þÈË:"Clarke Brunt" 
·¢ËÍʱ¼ä:2006-10-18 00:33:38
Ö÷Ìâ:Re: [omniORB] Fw: (by abcluo at 163.com)use sequ ence problem ?

I still mainly use VC6 myself, so can't be sure option options in 7.

In VC6, under Project Settings, C/C++, Code Generation, Use run-time

library, you need to choose Multithreaded DLL (or Debug Multithreaded

DLL for debug build), and not either of the single threaded options, or

the ones which don't mention DLL (statically linked). I would guess that

VC7 has similar options?


Clarke Brunt, Principal Software Engineer, Trafficmaster

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