[omniORB] Corba::WString or WChar

S. Sahayaraj ssahayaraj at quark.com
Tue Oct 17 19:36:17 BST 2006

I've tried to use WString or WChar data type in my sample application. I
was able to compile the IDL and build the application. It went fine. But
while running that application, I'm getting the error
?empty_wstring at _CORBA_WString_helper@@2QBGB could not be located in
dynamic link library omniORB407_rtd.dll
<mailto:?empty_wstring at _CORBA_WString_helper@@2QBGB%20could%20not%20be%2
0located%20in%20dynamic%20link%20library%20omniORB407_rtd.dll> . It
looks the implementation of WString are missing or not enabled in the
DLL's. So,  I just would like to know the following.


1.	In order to enable the WString or WChar, Do we need to use any
configuration parameters  while ORB_Init?
2.	Do we have to use any additional DLL's/Lib's apart from omniORB,
omniDynamic and omniThread?
3.	While compiling the omniORB source, do we need to enable any
configuration input in make files?


BTW, it works fine on string or char data types.





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