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Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Thu Jul 21 18:01:22 BST 2005

On Wednesday 6 July, "Hofmann, Bernhard \(Siemens EXT\)" wrote:

> I can use an IOR string and string_to_object() and then _narrow() to get
> the object I want, or I can use ResolveNameService().
> I have the same object (Acme.Context/Manager.Object) on many different
> computers, and I'd like to specify a corbaloc or similar when resolving
> (so I can identify the computer I wish to get the object from).

Acme.Context/Manager.Object is not an object. It is the name you have
used to register an object in the naming service. Are you saying you
have multiple naming services, or that you have tried to store more than
one object reference with the same name?  The naming service is an
incredibly simple mapping from names to object references. That's all it
does -- it doesn't know or care about object locations or anything like

> How would I go about this? I've tried multiple InitRef settings, but I
> don't seem to be able to define the order in which they're attempted.

You either need to register all your objects with different names, in a
single naming service, or you need to talk to lots of naming services.
If you want to use multiple naming services, the easiest thing is to not
use InitRef at all, but to use lots of corbaname: URIs in



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