[omniORB] IORs on server with multiple endpoints

Wernke zur Borg wzb at anitesystems.de
Mon May 17 10:12:58 BST 2004

Hi all,


this is a variant of a question that has been discussed quite a few times on
this mailing list.


I am running an omniORB server on a host with multiple interfaces, thus with
multiple endpoints. A bootstrap object is published with a corbaloc IOR. The
application protocol is session oriented, i.e. a client calls "openSession"
on the bootstrap object, which results in a new process being started for
that client. The IOR of a new session object living in the new process is
returned to the client in the openSession operation.


How can I make sure that the correct endpoint is encoded into the IORs for a
particular client?


Since I need to deal with only one client, i.e. one endpoint, per process,
it would be sufficient to initialise the ORB in a client process with just
one endpoint setting, but how to find the correct one?


I have the impression that the option "endPointPublishAllIFs" does not
really help, because the clients have to try multiple endpoints one after
each other, which is time consuming and not very efficient. I would prefer
to have only one endpoint encoded in the IORs.


Is there a way to extract the client IP from an incoming invocation? If that
was possible, I could derive my own endpoint from that address (I have done
that in a different application) and configure omniORB in the new client
process accordingly.


Any help or hint is appreciated!


Wernke zur Borg

Anite Systems

wzb at anitesystems.de





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