[omniORB] CORBA::MARSHAL exception with large objects

Paulo Pereira paulo-pereira.perso at wanadoo.fr
Fri May 14 18:57:56 BST 2004

I think it's a networking problem i.e packets are consumed too slowly by 
the remote computer.
Check the networking card, router (freezing ...) etc ...
In our application working with omniORB 4.03, we send structures and 
strings, each one with a size from 128 bytes
to 1,2 Mo (we've done that with 200 threads, each one sending 1,2 Mo and 
got no trouble)
Hope this will help.


Dmitry I. Shkolnikov wrote:

>During attempt to send to the client a large sequence (of structures
>about 15000x128 bytes)  the  CORBA::MARSHAL exception raised.
>Platforms: Win32 (omniORB 4.0.1),Gentoo 2.4.22 (omniORB 4.0.3)
>Runtime args:
>-ORBgiopMaxMsgSize 10000000
>Server log with -ORBtraceLevel 40:
>14:18:02[00188265] T 0x000005f4 SomeInterface preinvoke, 0x12c4138 for operation=SomeInterface
>14:18:04[00190828] T 0x00000880 omniORB: Scan for idle connections (1084529884,906000000)
>14:18:46[00232765] T 0x00000880 omniORB: Scavenger reduce idle count for strand 012CD9F0 to 10
>14:18:46[00232765] T 0x00000880 omniORB: Scan for idle connections done (1084529884,906000000).
>14:18:46[00232765] T 0x000005f4 SomeInterface postinvoke, 0x12c4138 for operation=SomeFunction
>14:18:46[00232765] T 0x000005f4 omniORB: sendChunk: to giop:tcp: 8192 bytes
>14:18:46[00232781] T 0x000005f4 omniORB:
>...data dump....
>14:18:49[00235703] T 0x000005f4 omniORB: throw giopStream::CommFailure from giopStream.cc:1085(0,YES,COMM_FAILURE_MarshalResults)
>14:18:49[00235750] T 0x000002f8 omniORB: AsyncInvoker: thread id = 5 has started. Total threads = 4
>14:18:49[00235750] T 0x000002f8 omniORB: giopWorker task execute.
>14:18:49[00235750] T 0x000002f8 omniORB: throw giopStream::CommFailure from giopStream.cc:787(0,NO,COMM_FAILURE_UnMarshalArguments)
>14:18:50[00236187] T 0x000005f4 omniORB: Server connection refcount = 1
>14:18:50[00236187] T 0x000005f4 omniORB: Server connection refcount = 0
>14:18:50[00236187] T 0x000005f4 omniORB: Server close connection from giop:tcp:
>Results of debugging (win32):
>tcpConnection.cc, tcpConnection::Send(..),
>the return code from call of ::send is
> blocking/nonbloking sockets?
>The same exception raised under Gentoo.
>Does anybody has something like this and how to solve it?
>Best regards, Dmitri.
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