[omniORB] Segmentation Fault using the Nameservice

DESCOMBES Thierry descombt at ipnl.in2p3.fr
Wed May 5 18:09:02 BST 2004

Le mer 05/05/2004 à 16:42, Duncan Grisby a écrit :
> On Wednesday 5 May, DESCOMBES Thierry wrote:
> > I'm trying to port omniOrb 3.0.5 to the Etrax platform (a 32bit
> > processor).
> Why are you porting 3.0.5?  Wouldn't it be better to use the current
> release?

Simply because the libraries are not so big than in the version 4.

> >   All seems to work fine, except that a "segmentation fault"
> > occurs when I try to get back a reference with an unknown name from the
> > nameservice. The same code works fine on a Linux PC platform (and raises
> > a CORBA::SystemException)...
> That shows that your compiler isn't supporting exceptions properly.
> Either it doesn't support exceptions at all or, more likely, it
> doesn't support thread safe exceptions. What compiler is it?  If it's
> gcc, make sure gcc is configured with --enable-threads. What processor
> are you using?  gcc doesn't support thread safe exceptions on some
> processors at all (although I think the newest versions of gcc are
> better).

The compiler I'm using is a cross-compiler for the embedded Etrax
processor of the Axis manufacturer.
All others exceptions are correctly catched. (including
CORBA::SystemException when using a reference no more available, for
example). The problem only occurs when I'm using the CosNaming

> Try writing some example programs that throw exceptions, both single
> threaded and multi-threaded. I expect you'll find you get setfaults
> along the line somewhere.

There is really no problem with the exceptions ! I have already tried to
use my own exceptions (defined into IDL files), and this is working


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