[omniORB] Segmentation Fault using the Nameservice

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Wed May 5 16:42:58 BST 2004

On Wednesday 5 May, DESCOMBES Thierry wrote:

> I'm trying to port omniOrb 3.0.5 to the Etrax platform (a 32bit
> processor).

Why are you porting 3.0.5?  Wouldn't it be better to use the current

>   All seems to work fine, except that a "segmentation fault"
> occurs when I try to get back a reference with an unknown name from the
> nameservice. The same code works fine on a Linux PC platform (and raises
> a CORBA::SystemException)...

That shows that your compiler isn't supporting exceptions properly.
Either it doesn't support exceptions at all or, more likely, it
doesn't support thread safe exceptions. What compiler is it?  If it's
gcc, make sure gcc is configured with --enable-threads. What processor
are you using?  gcc doesn't support thread safe exceptions on some
processors at all (although I think the newest versions of gcc are

Try writing some example programs that throw exceptions, both single
threaded and multi-threaded. I expect you'll find you get setfaults
along the line somewhere.



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