[omniORB] How to minimize the timeout on a connection broken ?

Slava Garelin garelin@ukr.net
Fri Aug 23 09:14:01 2002

On Friday 23 August 2002 10:29, Thierry Descombes wrote:
> How is that possible ? What are interceptors ?
> Slava, it would be very nice to you, that you send me an example.
> In the experiment, I have 384 customers connected to the server who send
> data 1 time by each second.
> Will that go on, in this case ?
> Thanks a lot.

As already spoke Bjorn, in omniOrb there is a possibility to change timeout 
for all client connections. (look clientCallTimeOutPeriod paragraph 4.4 
OmniOrb guide) Interceptors are necessary only in the event that you want to 
install various timeouts in one and too time for different connections. 
Otherwise it is enough to operate clientCallTimeOutPeriod in the 
configuration file or-ORBclientCallTimeOutPeriod in the command line. For 
example: ./server-ORBclientCallTimeOutPeriod 10000 will place(install) 
timeout in 10 seconds.

You a really need using intercertors? :)

Slava Garelin