[omniORB] minor build problem in omniORB-4 with openssl on FreeBSD

Slava Garelin garelin@ukr.net
Thu Aug 22 13:18:01 2002

On Friday 16 August 2002 17:48, Guy Middleton wrote:

> In FreeBSD (I have a FreeBSD-4.6 system here), OpenSSL is part of the base
> sysstem, with include files in /usr/include/openssl, and libraries in
> /usr/lib, so there isn't an easy way to compile omniORB with OpenSSL
> transport.

In sameness occurrence on Linux I use "OPEN_SSL_ROOT = /usr" successfuly.
In case autoconf  "./configure --with-openssl=/usr"
Sorry for long-time ask.

Slava Garelin