[omniORB] Trying to get omniidl to work for python..

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Wed Aug 14 14:40:01 2002

On Tuesday 13 August, Kiernan J Holland wrote:

> I'm having troubles trying to get omniidl to run, I was hoping to
> use it with Python, and want to prototype some ORB services with it,
> I was also wanting to know that once I do get this to work, where
> would I specify the include path for the idl files.

It looks like you have downloaded the C++ version of omniORB. That
doesn't contain omniORBpy, so you don't have the IDL compiler
back-end, or the other things needed by omniORBpy. Make sure you
download omniORBpy.

To specify the include path for IDL files, use the -I flag to omniidl.



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