[omniORB] NEC port

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Wed Aug 14 13:59:01 2002

On Monday 12 August, Gregory Giguashvili wrote:

> Has anyone tried to port OmniORB to NEC 5?

Not that I know of. What is NEC 5?  Is it a Unix variant?

>   Any ideas how difficult it can be?

If it is a Posix-ish compliant Unix, with a decent C++ compiler that
supports thread safe exceptions, it should be quite easy. If it isn't
Posix, then as long as the compiler can cope, and the threading
library contains primitives from which posix-style ones can be build,
it will be a bit more work, but still not too bad.

If you don't want to try it yourself, this is the sort of thing my
company could do for you on a contract basis. Let me know if you're



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