[omniORB] Compilation Problem : omniidl.exe application error

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Wed Aug 14 13:51:02 2002

On Monday 12 August, "Ike C. Dongon" wrote:

> PYTHONPATH=D:\Applications\Python\python;
> ..\..\..\bin\x86_win32\omniidl -bcxx -Wbh=.hh -Wbs=SK.cc -Wba
> -p..\..\..\src\lib\omniORB2 -ComniORB3 ..\..\..\idl\Naming
> .idl
> ..\..\..\bin\x86_win32\omnicpp: stdout: Bad file descriptor

Strange. I haven't seen an error like that before. It looks like the
pipe between the C pre-processor and omniidl is failing. I've only
ever seen that happen on Win 9x, and that has a different kind of

Anyway, try editing mk/win32.mk, around line 446. On the line that

  $(BASE_OMNI_TREE)/$(WRAPPER_FPATH)/oidlwrapper.exe $(XLN) -bcxx
  -Wbh=.hh -Wbs=SK.cc

add -T just after the $(XLN).

That makes it use a temporary file rather than a pipe. If that fixes
the problem then there's something very odd about your machine...



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