[omniORB] C Sharp

Gary D. Duzan gdd0@gte.com
Wed, 28 Feb 2001 10:31:20 -0500

In Message <3A9D1225.83878914@cctus.com> ,
   Joel Schuster <jmschust@cctus.com> wrote:

=>Are there any plans to provide C# bindings in OmniOrb
=>once the OMG comes up with them?

   The omniORB core folks aren't around to respond, but I'd rather
doubt it. For one thing, I don't see any indication on the OMG web
site that they are considering an official mapping. For another,
given C#'s closer resemblance to Java than to C++, I'd expect a
Java ORB and mapping to be ported before a C++ one. As I haven't
seen any interest from the omniORB group in Java, I doubt that C#
is a priority, especially given that it is a language that is only
available on a single platform and in beta.

					Gary Duzan
					Verizon Laboratories