[omniORB] problems with omnipy and argument types

Duncan Grisby dgrisby@uk.research.att.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:51:29 +0000

On Friday 16 February, jnye@micro-optics.com wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone's looked into this problem. I sent the trace
> generated from running the program with the trace level you requested.

Oh yes, sorry, I thought I had replied already. The trace shows that
omniORBpy thinks that one of the Python objects you try to send as a
struct does not have an attribute with the name it is expecting. For
example, perhaps the Date structure is missing a dMonth attribute.
Unfortunately, the tracing doesn't say exactly what attribute was
missing. That's something I'll think about adding in a future version.

To try to track it down further, all I can suggest is that you
carefully check that all the structs you are sending have all the
right contents. If they do, please try to come up with a minimal
example IDL and piece of code which shows the error.



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