[omniORB] Garbage collection

Pletyak Attila attila.pletyak@anemosky.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 14:07:51 +0100

What I do for such a thing is to have a last_activity attribute in the
object, and the server regularly checks if the difference between the
current time and this last_activity value is bigger then a pre-defined
timeout_value. If bigger, I call _dispose on the object.

Actually I've already written a note here regarding this, as it seems to
me under Linux that the server's memory usage does not lessen after this
_dispose call. But maybe my code is wrong at some place.

Attila Pletyak

owner-omniorb-list@uk.research.att.com wrote:
> Hello.
> I have a session-oriented application which uses an object factory to
> generate a transient session-specific object for each client connection. I
> have read Michi Henning & Steve Vinoski's book regarding the various
> tecniques of garbage collecting the servants when a client dies
> unexpectedly, but none seem too pleasing. One of the methods they refer to
> is the use of ORB proprietary extensions that allow the server code to
> detect when a connection from a client goes down. Does omniORB have such an
> extension? If not, what do people find the most reasonable way to garbage
> collect session-specific servants after a client dies?
> Thanks for any information,
> Mike Mascari
> mascarm@mascari.com