[omniORB] x86-2.7.1

erik.ivanenko erik.ivanenko@utoronto.ca
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 15:21:39 -0800

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I've just downloaded the latest, 2.7.1 with binaries, that should work
with libc.5.  I tried to build the echo examples to no avail.

# make all
mkdirhier ../../../stub
rm -f ../../../stub/echo.idl
cp echo.idl ../../../stub
chmod +w ../../../stub/echo.idl
( cd ../../../stub; \
  ../bin/i586_linux_2.0/omniidl2 -a -t echo.idl; \
../../../bin/i586_linux_2.0/omkdepend -D__cplusplus -D__GNUG__
-D__GNUC__ -D__OMNIORB2__ -I../../../stub -D_REENTRANT -I.
-I../../../include -D__x86__ -D__linux__ -D__OSVERSION__=2 eg3_clt.cc
eg3_impl.cc eg2_clt.cc eg2_impl.cc eg1.cc greeting.cc
g++ -c  -fhandle-exceptions -Wall -Wno-unused -D__OMNIORB2__
-I../../../stub -D_REENTRANT -I.  -I../../../include -D__x86__
-D__linux__ -D__OSVERSION__=2 -o eg1.o eg1.cc
cc1plus: warning: -fhandle-exceptions has been renamed to -fexceptions
(and is now on by default)
In file included from ../../../include/omniORB2/omniInternal.h:95,
                 from ../../../include/omniORB2/CORBA.h:116,
                 from ../../../stub/echo.hh:10,
                 from eg1.cc:10:
../../../include/omnithread.h:204: syntax error before `;'
../../../include/omnithread.h:284: syntax error before `;'
../../../include/omnithread.h:503: syntax error before `;'
make: *** [eg1.o] Error 1

The error on line 204 is that


is preprocessed to:

private :
    pthread_mutex_t posix_mutex;

and pthread_mutex_t is not defined in my environment.

It looks like my environment is missing a package.  ( I tried to install
linuxthreads 0.6, but got an undefined symbol: weaks.c:106:
`PTHREAD_KEYS_MAX' undeclared here (not in a function) ) It looks like
linuxthreads assumes a previous version has been installed.

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