[omniORB] Scalability and maxStrands

Randy Shoup rshoup@tumbleweed.com
Fri, 07 Aug 1998 13:41:29 -0700

Sai-Lai --

Sai-Lai Lo wrote:
> rshoup@tumbleweed.com (Randy Shoup) writes:
> > It turns out that we experienced the exception problem running a client
> > on NT and a server on Solaris2.6.  We did not experience the problem
> > running both client and server on Solaris.
> >
> If my guess is correct, you are not using omni_thread library to create
> threads on your NT client. There is a known bug in the omni_thread library
> to cause an exception be raised when these threads block in an
> omni_condition, which is how client threads block waiting for a strand to
> become free.
> The fix is available in:
> http://www.orl.co.uk/omniORB/bugs/18.html
> You, and in fact all omniORB2 on NT users, are *STRONGLY* encouraged to
> apply the fix if you prefer to create threads without using the omni_thread
> library.
> Sai-Lai
> ps I've done my test on NT with no problem. However, the test program
> creates threads using the omni_thread library.

Your guess is exactly correct.  Thanks for the long-distance debugging

-- Randy
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