Re: Litle patch for AMD64 on Windows

szyk100 szyk100 at
Tue Oct 6 17:20:54 BST 2015

In my case (when I compile Qt examples) it include 
# include <omnithread/posix.h>
Apparently from last section named: 
// Everything else uses pthreads
But when I aeded _Win64 section with:
#  include <omnithread/nt.h>
It works fine.
But I am not expert in that field so maybe I did something wrongly.
I touched only one more definition (in sake of completnes):

--- ./	2014-01-17 16:27:56.000000000 +0100
+++ ./CORBA_sysdep_trad.h	2015-10-06 18:08:41.606228400 +0200
@@ -512,6 +512,9 @@
 // Default flag values if not already overridden above
 #ifndef SIZEOF_BOOL
 #define SIZEOF_BOOL 1

To avoid this error:
# error "The byte order of this platform is unknown"

That is all what is required to compile OmniOrb + Qt examples. And they works fine now.

Szyk Cech

Dnia 6 października 2015 16:28 Duncan Grisby <duncan at> napisał(a):
> > On Mon, 2015-10-05 at 21:12 +0200, szyk100 wrote:
> > Hi I compiled succesfuly Omniorb and examples from
> > . Main problem I encontered was
> > that it is lack of _WIN64 clause in omnithread.h (__WIN32__ clause is
> > not suitable when I compile with VS2015 AMD64 mode). So I added that
> > clause and make litle patch which I attached to this email.
> Why is the __WIN32__ define "not suitable"? Win32 is the name of the
> API, not the word size. 64 bit Windows platforms should define both
> __WIN32__ to identify the API, and _WIN64 to indicate that it is 64 bit.
> Duncan.

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