[omniORB] -Woverloaded-virtual compiler warning

Michael Teske subscribe at teskor.de
Mon Feb 23 08:34:43 GMT 2015


we recently (finally) switched to omniORB 4.2.0 and now we get this compiler warning (this is
clang, but on gcc on linux it's similar):

In file included from /Users/mteske/build/trader/OSX_64/GCC421/Debug-static-mthr/include/omniORB4/CORBA.h:285:
/Users/mteske/build/trader/OSX_64/GCC421/Debug-static-mthr/include/omniORB4/messaging.hh:252:18: warning: 'Messaging::Poller::_PR_copy_state' hides overloaded virtual function [-Woverloaded-virtual]
    virtual void _PR_copy_state(Poller*);
/Users/mteske/build/trader/OSX_64/GCC421/Debug-static-mthr/include/omniORB4/pollable_defs.hh:96:16: note: hidden overloaded virtual function 'CORBA::Pollable::_PR_copy_state' declared here: type
      mismatch at 1st parameter ('CORBA::Pollable *' vs 'Messaging::Poller *')
  virtual void _PR_copy_state(Pollable*);

I'd really like to shut that off. One could add a 
using DIIPollable::_PR_copy_state;
directive so that both methods are available
 or disable the compiler warning if the hiding was intended. 

So... what _was_ intended?


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