[omniORB] Any way to differentiate clients with omniORB

BaileyK at schneider.com BaileyK at schneider.com
Tue Apr 15 12:00:52 BST 2008

I don't think there's anything simple.  Possibilities include

1) Use a different servant, and thus a distinct CORBA object, for each
2) If sharing servant state across clients is necessary, use a single
servant and register it multiple times with a POA with distinct object IDs.
Give each client a distinct IOR, and then the POA can tell you which IOR
was used to make the up-call.
3) Use an interceptor to store socket IP/port information in thread-local
storage and then access that within the up-call.

For #2 see

Kendall Bailey
Engineering & Research

omniorb-list-bounces at omniorb-support.com wrote on 04/15/2008 10:13:44 AM:

> Hello.
> Is there any way with omniORB to determine within a CORBA Function-Call
> on the server side from which Client (e.g. IP-Address+Port) the call
> originated? (Maybe something like the CoGetCallContext(..) function for
> DCOM; although I'm not even sure that does the trick)
> Our problem is that we have to adhere to a standardized CORBA interface
> that does not incorporate multi-client functionality, but the customer
> still needs (a simple setup for) multiple clients so I'm currently
> searching for a workaround.
> any pointers appreciated,
> br,
> Martin
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