[omniORB] Problems catching exceptions in clients

Silly & Chrischi christian83 at gmx.li
Thu Apr 10 20:13:37 BST 2008

Hello Guys,


i have problems catching exceptions thrown by the server.

Here ist a part of my idl:


module MysqlPackage {

                interface Mysql {

                               exception MysqlException {

                                               string reason;





I throw the exception by the server and her eis my code for it:


if(mysql_errno(mysqlDatabase) != 0){

throw MysqlPackage::Mysql::MysqlException("MySQL-Error");



But now, if i would like to catch the exception, i get a message by the
server, that sound like this:


"omniORB: WARNING - method ,xx' on: root<1> raised the exception:


I used the following statement to catch my exception:


catch (const MysqlPackage::Mysql::MysqlException::Exception& ex){

cout << "ERROR: " << ex._name() << endl;



Thank you for your help. I don't know what to do.



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