[omniORB] CORBA::TRANSIENT problem

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Tue Jul 4 16:51:24 BST 2006

On Saturday 1 July, "Raheel Abdul Hameed" wrote:

> 1) name service stuff
> 2) getting controllerFactory
> 3) asking controllerFactory for individual controllers like
>    sellController, payController, reportController etc.
> 4) at this point, we can make sellController->sell,
>    payController->pay, reportController->getReport calls.
> My question is simple and tricky, what to do if we get
> CORBA::TRANSIENT exception when we make a call to sell/pay, can we
> always retry the call ? or do we need to start from scratch (from step
> 1 above till step 4) .... this whole restart process is time consuming
> and hence prone to another CORBA::TRANSIENT exception if the wireless
> link gets lossy in between..... what is the quickest way to be able to
> make the sell/pay (step 4) calls.... without restarting the
> process.....??

As long as you want to contact the same object before, you can simply
retry the call that failed. As long as the object is still there, the
call will reconnect to the server and work fine. The failure of the
client has no effect whatsoever on the server, so all the objects will
be there just as before.



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