[omniORB] OmniOrb supported compiler versions

Purushothaman, Karthik Karthik.Purushothaman at kla-tencor.com
Tue Aug 29 18:36:12 BST 2006

We build our source code on 4 platforms. 
Following table list down compiler version we use in various platform.
1. Can omniorb be built on these plaforms using the specified compilers?

Operating System
Hardware	 Our Compilers	
Windows 2000	 x86	 Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (Service Pack 6)	
Solaris 9	 SPARC	 Sun Studio 9 (32 Bit) patch 117549-01	
HP-UX 11i	 PA-RISC	 aCC A.3.63 (32 bit)	
HP-UX 11i	 Itanium	 aCC A.0.6.00 (32 bit) 
2. Whole of our code base uses standard C++ and C libraries (#include
<iostream>, #include<cstdio> and not #include <iostream.h>,
Does omniorb source code uses non-standard C++ and C libraries? 
We could see HAVE_STD macro in the omniorb source code. This should take
care of building the souce code using standard C++ libraries. How about
C libraries (#include<stdio.h>) ??
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