[omniORB] OmniOrb 4.0.3 and Python

Duncan Grisby duncan at grisby.org
Thu Mar 3 17:33:04 GMT 2005

On Thursday 3 March, "Marco Freschi" wrote:

> I'm using omniOrb 4.0.3 in my application running on solaris. I have
> to types of machine: where I compile all the applications and where I
> run them. Basically I don't need Python for other purposes. I would
> like to know if it is poossible to use OmniOrb without installing
> Python (I think it is possible) and how to do it?

Only the IDL compiler requires Python. Once you've compiled the IDL, you
don't need Python any more. Python is never needed to run applications
using omniORB (unless you've written the applications in Python, of



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