[omniORB] GIOP requests type

kleva kleva at proc.ru
Mon Jun 6 13:25:26 BST 2005

 I have followind IDL:
    interface Suite {
        StringArray getIMletNameList();

    interface SuiteManager {
        Suite getSuite(in string name)
            raises (SuiteManagerException);

Then I'm trying to execute following C++ code:

CORBA::Object_var mgrObj =
 SuiteManager_var sm = SuiteManager::_narrow(mgrObj); // passes ok
 suite = sm->getSuite("SomeSuite"); // passes ok
 ImletNameList = suite->getIMletNameList();   // Hangs up!

The last line hangs process!
When I'm debuging GIOP messages there is one thing wich can be the
In GIOP message the 8th byte(GIOP message type) is equal to 3(LocateRequest), not
0(Request) wich in all other messages. So I think, my CORBA server
(wich is hardware realized) can't understand that GIOP and that's why
just not answering to this request.

But when I'm using other CORBA brocker GIOP message type in this
example is 0 like always. So, the question is:
  can I make somthing, to make GIOP message type to 0?

 kleva                          mailto:kleva at proc.ru

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