[omniORB] Newbie: Compiling problems omniORB-4.0.5 using Cygwin, WinXP, MS VC7.0

Yura Smolsky info at altervision.biz
Wed Jan 12 09:39:54 GMT 2005

Hello, Roland.

To fix this problem:
1. I have copied module "types.py" in the Python's lib directory to
the "types1.py"
2. I have replaced following line in the "copy_reg.py" of Python's lib

from types import ClassType as _ClassType


from types1 import ClassType as _ClassType

that's all. try and response here :)

RG> sorry for the late reply, I had been away over the holiday period.

>>>+ ../../../bin/x86_win32/libwrapper -gnuwin32 debug/omnithreadd.lib
>>>+ install -c debug/omnithread.lib ../../../lib/x86_win32
>>>'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
>> Strange. What omniORB distribution did you use?  If you got the binary
>> .zip version, that includes the omnipython minimal Python distribution,
>> so maybe it's getting confused by files belonging to different Python
>> versions.  If you're compiling the source, you should get just the
>> source tarball.

RG> I've got the omniORB-4.0.5 source tarball and am trying to compile from
RG> the sources.

>> If that isn't the issue, does Python work if you just run it from the
>> command line?

RG> Yes, Python works when called from the command line.

RG> I have tried to start from scratch, deleted everything, and then started
RG> again from the sources, but ran into the following problem:

RG> 'import site' failed; use -v for traceback
RG> Traceback (most recent call last):
RG>    File "<string>", line 1, in ?
RG>    File "c:\Python24\lib\compileall.py", line 15, in ?
RG>      import os
RG>    File "c:\Python24\lib\os.py", line 651, in ?
RG>      import copy_reg as _copy_reg
RG>    File "c:\Python24\lib\copy_reg.py", line 7, in ?
RG>      from types import ClassType as _ClassType
RG>    File
RG> "c:\omniORB-4.0.5\lib\python\omniidl_be\cxx\types.py", line 29, in
RG>      import string
RG>    File "c:\Python24\lib\string.py", line 83, in ?
RG>      import re as _re
RG>    File "c:\Python24\lib\re.py", line 5, in ?
RG>      from sre import *
RG>    File "c:\Python24\lib\sre.py", line 270, in ?
RG>      copy_reg.pickle(_pattern_type, _pickle, _compile)
RG> AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'pickle'
RG> make[4]: *** [export] Error 1
RG> make[4]: Leaving directory 
RG> `/cygdrive/c/omniORB-4.0.5/src/lib/omniORB/omniidl_b
RG> /cxx'
RG> make[3]: *** [export] Error 2
RG> make[3]: Leaving directory 
RG> `/cygdrive/c/omniORB-4.0.5/src/lib/omniORB/omniidl_b
RG> '
RG> make[2]: *** [export] Error 2
RG> make[2]: Leaving directory
RG> `/cygdrive/c/omniORB-4.0.5/src/lib/omniORB'
RG> make[1]: *** [export] Error 2
RG> make[1]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/omniORB-4.0.5/src/lib'
RG> make: *** [export] Error 2

RG> I don't know if that means that there is some problem with the Python
RG> installation I've got here. I hadn't noticed any problems with it until now.

RG> I am sorry to hassle you again, but I am at a loss here to understand
RG> what's going on, so any ideas are very much appreciated.

RG> Cheers,
RG> Roland

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Yura Smolsky,

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