[omniORB] unexpected behavior - CORBA automatic retries?

Adrian Rosoga arosoga@yahoo.com
Sun Jun 16 16:58:01 2002

Thank you all for the help. I played more with the client
and server. The client indeed retries and sends two
requests. Only after that the COMM_FAILURE exception is

Just curious, is this a feature or a bug? From the answer
somebody was given (see the link below) for a similar
problem, it looks like it is a known issue but "... you'll
have to live with it for now". Is there any plan for a fix?


--- Claudio Natoli <claudio.natoli@memetrics.com> wrote:
> > I got quite an unexpected behavior I would like to
> > understand.
> This brings me back. Take a look at:
> Cheers,
> Claudio

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