[omniORB] FW: /etc/hosts on Linux

Gregory Giguashvili Gregoryg@ParadigmGeo.com
Sun Jun 16 09:18:00 2002

> Hello,
> I've encountered a strange behavior, which I want to change if possible.
> The problem is that I've noticed that server references are built from the
> contents of /etc/hosts. 
> I've encountered the following problems:
> - Having an incorrect hostname or IP address in /etc/hosts, would produce
> references, which are partly invalid.
> - Running CORBA on a laptop with DHCP address assignment would make it
> hard to enter a valid IP in /etc/hosts file.
> I wanted to ask if there is any alternative mechanism for IOR contents
> generation (net interface parsing for instance)? If so, how can I force
> OMNI to use this alternative mechanism?
> I've looked in the documentation, but found nothing on this subject. I
> think it's worth to have at least a workaround for that problem. One thing
> I can think of is generating /etc/hosts file automatically each time on
> boot to update it with the correct IP address. Any other ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
> Giga
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