[omniORB] JacORB/omniORB GIOP 1.2 protocol error

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Mon Jun 10 19:25:02 2002

On Monday 10 June, Thomas Amsler wrote:

> I read in some news group messages that some GIOP 1.2 implementations 
> allow to "turn off" fragmented messages.  Does omniORB allow this?

No, it doesn't, because the spec says...

> --(snip)---
> Any ORB with GIOP 1.2 support must accept fragmented messages. (A compliant
> GIOP 1.2 implementation can choose to never send fragments, but must be
> able to accept them if they are used by the other end.)
> ---(snip)---

It is probably not too hard to add a flag to prevent fragmentation --
after all, the GIOP 1.0 implementation knows how to pre-calculate
message sizes -- but I'd rather see JacORB fixed. Adding an option to
omniORB will only encourage other ORBs to be sloppy with their



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