[omniORB] RE : problem buiding omniorb Solaris 5.8 gcc3.1

Duncan Grisby duncan@grisby.org
Fri Jun 7 16:51:01 2002

On Tuesday 28 May, Clement.VISSEAUX@sercel.fr wrote:

> the _omniidlmodule.so library is built from the source code in
> omni/src/tool/omniidl/cxx some of C++ files contain the call to the
> function assert () with the include file assert.h this include file
> calls _asserts () that calls _eprintf () which turns out to be
> unresolved because assert,h is a solaris include file that calls a
> solaris primitive ,and not a GNU primitive .

It looks to me like the GCC installation must be broken. Surely it
should have its own assert.h?



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